Earthquest Australia


Earthquest Australia Earthquest Australia was the branding concept design that was proposed in conjunction with an exhibition space. The exhibition, was to be a new and exciting interactive experience for families, showcasing Australia’s biodiversity, geoscience and culture.

The brand identity for Earthquest Australia, has the flexibility to evolve, with a number of variations in the design of the circular shape, reflecting all aspects of nature - from flora to fauna that may be touched within the exhibition.

The brand identity’s circular shape and design, reflects the proposed theme and strategy or the narrative within the exhibition space - the coming together of ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ leading to ‘discovery’.

The circular shape also represents the journey of the visitors, there is no defining start and end - the visitor is the protagonist and steers their journey, even allowing them to go and come back multiple times, creating a more personal experience within the space.

Collateral application of the brand identity on a number of touchpoints, from the entry point of the exhibition space, to the device you are presented at your arrival, as well as staff uniform gives a holistic view of the brand. SITEMAP Copyright © 2012 Justine Lesmana